A short stroll up the top of the Christchurch Gondola to these expansive views.
view from the top of the Christchurch Gondola over the Estuary of the Heathcote and Avon Rivers or Ihutai in Maori, ie the main rivers that flow through Christchurch.
View along the Crater Rim and down to Lyttelton Harbour, wow, what a view.
as seen from Mount Cavindish, looking west towards Mount Vernon.
it was pretty windy up the top of Mount Cavendish when we visited, so much so that the tussock grass wouldn't sit still. I took this shot to show how windy it was.
or Tauhinukorokio in Maori, is one of the highest points in the Port Hills overlooking Lyttelton Habour.
I spotted this solitary tree, standing naked without any leaves o its lonesome, while wine tasting at Greystone Winery.
Sunstreaming through the naked cabernet sauvignon grapevines of Greystone Wines.
We had a lovely lunch at Pegasus Bay's restaraunt, so lovely in fact we were still there come sunset. I managed to snap this shot of the sun setting over the homestead.
Spent the week skiing at Charlotte Pass and woke up early one morning to capture first light and was not disappointed, especially as a day of rain washed away most of the snow cover from the start of the season. Here you can see daybreak over Guthrie Ridge and Kosciuszko Chalet | 14 Aug 17
Took advantage of a gorgeous sunny day to take the camera for a walk and found this snow gum standing in the snow. I loved the way the branches appeared to reach out to the clear blue sky | 14 Aug 17
Took advantage of a gorgeous sunny day to take the camera for a walk and found this snow gum standing in the snow. I loved the way the branches appeared to reach out to the clear blue sky | 14 Aug 17
I’m so glad I took advantage of the clear skies to go out and about with the camera because rain and snow was all we had for the next few days. Though it looks like the exposed rock is the focus of this shot, that’s Mount Stillwell and Kangaroo Ridge in the background | 14 Aug 17
I saw this dead tree branch lying in the snow while out and about taking advantage of the clear sunny skies and decided to have a bit of a play with the camera. I’m still learning and defining my style you see. I opened the aperture to f/4.0 to focus on the branch and blur out the background, yet you can still tell that the photo was taken in snow country | 14 Aug 17
This time I decided to have a go at creating my own high dynamic range image. I took three photographs at different exposures and then stacked them using lightroom. I like how the shadows and colours of the trees are clearly visible even when shooting directly into the sun | 14 Aug 17
Another high dynamic range photograph, this time of the Great Dividing Range at sunset. And they say you should never shoot directly into the sun | 14 Aug 17
I’m still experimenting with my high dynamic range photographs. What do you think? Sunset sure can make for some amazing colours and it really lit up the scene, especially the dead tree branch | 14 Aug 17
The early bird really does get the worm. I got up early in time for first light and was not disappointed. The golden orange glow of first light over Charlotte Pass was enchanting. Unfortunately, the weather turned to rain soon after I finished and we ended up with a day’s worth of rain washing away most of our snow | 15 AUG 17
Went for a wander to see the damage 24 hours of rain had caused. That’s Spencers Creek, flowing. Usually you can ski right over the top of it to the bottom of Guthries Poma, which you can see in the background. Needless to say, the poma wasn’t open this day. The rain, sky and creek water made for an eerie looking photograph 16 Aug 17
After the rain came three days of snow, and wind, which increased our base by more than 50 cm. The powder skiing conditions were great, I’m relatively new to skiing so I’ve never seen so much powder before. I took this shot along the top of the world as it captured the blue sky, trees plus snowy windy conditions

19 Aug 17
From stormy skies and murky waterfalls to drizzling skies to gorgeous sunsets, we sure had all seasons in one day. The red hue of the setting sun over the vineyard was just amazing!
Heading back from Mangawhai Cliff Walk we spotted this gorgeous waterfall, which appeared to be located on private property. We pulled over on the side of the road and managed a quick snap.
This sheep was quite curious, checking out what I was doing. Using my telephoto lens I was able to zoom in to compress the scene.
Sunrise over the majestic Three Sisters early one morning...

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